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At 608 jiu jitsu we have programs for kids age 5-7, kids age 8 and up, and adults. Read more about the programs, or reach out to Coach Josh if you have more questions using the button below.

Little Champions Program

The Little Champions Program is designed for kids aged 5-7. In this program we teach kids a lot of the basic movements, takedowns, and controlling holds through drills, games, and sparring. The program is designed to challenge your kids while giving them the framework to succeed as they move into the Champions Program.

Champions Program

The Champions Program is designed for kids ages 8 and up. In this program we train basic movements, takedowns, and controlling holds like the Little Champions program but we add more advanced movements and submissions. This program will provide your kids the tools and skills they need to excel in jiu jitsu whether they compete or not.

Adult Program

One of the greatest challenges adults face when starting jiu jitsu is moving their bodies in ways they aren't used to. The Adult Program mixes movement games and positional drills to learn jiu jitsu. Coupled with live sparring these techniques have proven to help adults succeed on the training mats as well as in tournaments and competition.

Homeschool Jiu Jitsu Club

Homeschool program

As an extension of our Champions and Little Champions programs, 68 Jiu Jitsu is now offering a Homeschool program. In December at 608 Jiu Jitsu we're starting a homeschool program for students available from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Are you looking for an activity for your students that will push them mentally and physically during the colder months? Jiu jitsu could be just what you're looking for! 

Why choose Jiu Jitsu?

Flexibility for Your Schedule: Say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to the extraordinary! Our midday classes fit seamlessly into your homeschool routine, offering the perfect break for physical activity and mental refreshment.

Community Connection: Join a supportive community of homeschoolers just like you! Our class provides a unique opportunity to build friendships, share experiences, and encourage on another on the exciting journey of jiu jitsu.

Mind-Body Connection: Jiu jitsu isn't just about physical strength - it's a mental workout too! Often referred to as "Human Chess" jiu jitsu can enhance focus, discipline, resilience and problem solving skills as you learn self-defense techniques in a safe and inclusive environment.

Educational Edge: Did you know that Jiu Jitsu enhances cognitive abilities and problem solving skills? It's true! Give your homeschool curriculum a dynamic twist with our engaging and educational classes.

Want to know more? Here's how to get started:

  • Call Coach Josh directly at (608) 347-5808

  • Message Coach Josh on Facebook or Instagram

  • Send a message through the Contact page

  • Click the button below and request Coach Josh contact you

Check out some of the other benefits to starting your jiu jitsu training!

Fitness Refined

Embrace the fast-paced nature of Jiu Jitsu and experience the benefits firsthand. As you immerse yourself in BJJ training, you'll burn calories, shed pounds, and become a stronger athlete in all aspects. The discipline enhances flexibility, builds muscle mass, quickens reflexes, and improves coordination. Whether you're a multi-sport athlete or seeking a dynamic fitness journey, jiu jitsu will become your greatest ally.

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