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Our tuition is set to offer affordable options tailored to meet your needs! Our transparent and competitive pricing plans ensure that you receive quality jiu jitsu instruction for you or your family without breaking the bank. Below you'll find membership options for you or your family. If you have more questions, head to the contact page and send me a message.

Tuition Update:

Starting January 1, 2024 tuition rates will increase. Join now to lock in the lowest rates before prices go up.

We're running a Black Friday sale until the end of November. Prepay your membership for 6 months and get 15% off the usual rates. That's a nearly $100 saving off the individual membership. Contact Coach Josh for more information.

Individual Membership


per month

unlimited classes

Individual Plus Membership


per month

unlimited classes plus one 30 minute private lesson per month

Family II Membership


per month

unlimited classes for you and one other family member

Family III Membership


per month

unlimited classes for you and two other family members

Family IV Membership


per month

unlimited classes for you and three other family members

I also offer private lessons. I charge $60 for 30 minutes or $90 for an hour. Use either of the buttons below to set up a private lesson today, Bring a friend and your phone to record the session.

I would like to think that jiu jitsu is for everyone (sure, I'm probably a little biased), but if you aren't so sure that it's for you come try out a class for free. While we're at it, try a week for free! Shoot me a message using the button below to set up a time to come in.


Ready to sign up, but you like to do these kind of things in person? Me too! (it seems like we have a few things in common). The button below will take you to a page to contact me. I'll let you know a good time to come in to get set up.

Like to live life by the seat of your pants? You could roll the dice and just show up whenever you feel like it to start your trial or to sign up. That would be WILD!... but, come to think about it, maybe you should set up a time to come in instead. As wild and unconventional as you might be, I could be teaching a class when you swing by or not there at all. Click the button below to set something up, if you like, or do something wild and crazy, Just show up and wait, I suppose. (The button option is probably better)

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